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The 10th Middle East eVis Pre-Moot!

Welcoming note from BCDR’s COO Mr. Ahmed Husain

Welcoming note from CILE’s Prof. Ronald Brand

Welcoming note from CLDP’s Chief Council, Steve Gardner

Welcoming note from RUW’s Faculty Advisor Dr. Maria Casoria

Meet the Team

Prof. Flechtner honouring Prof. Brand with his groundbreaking singing skills!

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we welcome you to the 10th edition of the Middle East Willem C. International Commercial Arbitration Vis Pre-Moot and first ever Middle East eVis Pre-Moot Program!

The journey to the 10th anniversary of this Middle East Vis Pre-Moot has been a turbulent one, facing many obstacles. This year, the Pre-Moot was faced with the most difficult challenge yet: a global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 (or Coronavirus). Not dissuaded by the precautionary measures adopted by governments across the region to restrict travel and movement of people, we have decided to convert the 10th edition of the Middle East Vis Pre-Moot into an online forum! 

We have worked furiously to develop an accessible digital platform that stays true to the objectives of the Program and serves you best. As this was no easy task, delivering this online Program would not have been feasible had it not been for the commitment of our networks of scholars, law schools, students, former mooties, and lawyers who have volunteered their time for the success of this e-Pre-Moot, to whom we owe many thanks! 

The eVis Pre-Moot Program comprises live sessions, as well as pre-recorded sessions. The detailed schedule for the live sessions is now available. The direct links to all live sessions are provided for in the schedule. The link for each live session will only become active within 24 hours of the scheduled time for the session. All pre-recorded sessions of the Program are now available under ‘Material for Students’ below.

Watch the recorded Final Round and Closing Ceremony of the eVis Middle East Pre-Moot 2020!

Virtual Arbitrator Briefing Session

Recorded Previous Live Sessions

Live opening session hosted by Professor Ronald Brand

Continued live opening session hosted by Professor Ronald Brand

Vis Advisor Session Substance 2

Vis Advisor Session Procedure 1

Vis Advisor Session Procedure 2

Recorded Example of Argument Session

Recorded Argument Between University of Pittsburgh and the University of Colombo

Presentation Style Training Material

Argument Introduction and Road Map Presentation by Bianca McDonnell and Isabela Deveza

The Use of Legal Authorities in Pleadings by Amer Abu Sham

Maintaining Advocacy Skills on a Virtual Platform by Nicholas Weltz

Willem Vis Presentation Styles Workshop by Catalina Bizic

Presentation on Argument Matrix by Mais Abousy and Liz Taylor

Common Mistakes to Avoid by Mais Abousy and Liz Taylor

Answering Arbitrator Questions by Liz Taylor

Questions And Answers by Mais Abousy and Amer Abu-Sham

Rebuttals by Amer Abu-Sham

Substance Related Training Material

A Real Life Approach to the Willem C. Moot Problem by Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll

Presentation of Issue 1 on the Validity of the Arbitration Agreement by Prof. Dr. Zlatan Meskic

Presentation of Issue 2 on the Exclusion of Expert by Prof. Dr. Zlatan Meskic

Substantive Issues in the 27th Vis Moot Problem by Prof. Harry Flechtner

The CISG, Applicable Law, and Choice of Forum Clauses by Prof. Ronald Brand

Virtual Arbitrator Briefing Session

Discussion of Arbitrator Issues by Ronald Brand and Mais Abousy


American University of Afghanistan


Yerevan State University

Bosnia And Herzegovina

International University of Sarajevo

University of Mostar

University of Zenica


Al-Azhar University

Alexandria University


Tbilisi State University

University of Georgia


University of Tehran


Al-Iraqia University

Al-Mustansiriyah University

Al-Nahrain University


University of Jordan


University of Business and Technology

University of Prishtina


Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth


Maldives National University


Yangon University


Hamad bin Khalifa University


Saudi Arabia

Dar Alhekma University

Prince Sultan University

Sri Lanka

University of Colombo

Royal Institute of Colombo


Université de Carthage

United States

University of Pittsburgh

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