Nick Weltz

Nick Weltz is a University of Pittsburgh Graduate (2020) with a Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Public and International Affairs. He was a competitor on the Pitt Law team in the 25th Vis Moot in 2018 when they placed 14th in the General Rounds and reached the Round of 32. He also served as a student coach for the Pitt Law team in the 26th and 27th Vis Moots. Nick has run workshops to improve students’ arguments at the Tbilisi Premoot and the Middle East Premoot in 2020. He arbitrated in the 26th and 27th Vis Moots and has worked on real international commercial arbitrations during his summer internship with the Ouerfelli Law Firm in Tunisia. He is currently working as a fellow for II-VI Inc., a global communications component manufacturer.


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